About Myself

I have received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Bucharest Polytechnic University. I worked in Engineering for Tomrad Communications and Esprit Telecom. I subsequently held several positions in Operations and Management with Global Telesystems, Ebone and KPNQwest. After several years of diversified and progressive experience within Telecom and Internet industries, I established in The Netherlands my enterprise, AG Projects B.V. AG Projects is supplying Internet service providers with real-time communication systems based on SIP, WebRTC and related protocols. For more information visit http://ag-projects.com

I am an expert in the design and implementation of highly available real-time communications infrastructures including signaling, media, encryption, addressing and numbering, provisioning and accounting systems.

I am an advocate of IETF standards and co-chair several working groups and open source project management boards.


You may contact me by E-mail or SIP at ag@ag-projects.com

My PGP public key can be downloaded from here.

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